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"Our Goal is to promote hunters
as conservationists"

The US whitetail population is out of control. Not only are deer starving by the thousands, they’re laying waste to entire ecosystems. No species in North America has been more mismanaged than deer. There is only one solution.

Founded in 1996 to assist landowners and wildlife professionals and provide for a balance between wildlife, landowners, biologists and hunters.

BWMANH is a New Hampshire registered non-profit organization utilizing the expertise of individuals from the hunting public which meet or exceed criteria established more than 20 years ago.

The purpose of our organization is to successfully contribute, through Bowhunting*, the management of wildlife populations in areas that would otherwise be closed to hunting. We do not, however, consider ourselves an "elite" hunting group.

Bowhunting in suburban areas can be difficult and sensitive. We pride ourselves in having good skills and discipline, as well as a capacity for hard work, dedication and responsibility. We take our relationship with landowners very seriously. We also make every effort to serve the community in ways other than wildlife reduction, ie; Adopt-A-Highway, Barry Conservation Camperships in connection with 4-H, Certified Hunter Safety Training Instructors, Certified Bowhunter Safety Training Instructors, PTO Youth Training, NRA Eddie Eagle Program and Boy Scouts of America. We require one workday participation per year to assist the landowners with cutting trees or planting shrubs and grasses to begin the process of regeneration of the damage done by the over-population of deer. BWMANH will supply various plants to participating landowners, based on property size and availabililty.

Our members are asked to abide by a strict set of rules and regulations formulated with the special needs of suburban Bowhunting in mind. Because of these restrictions, our organization is not for everyone. Please keep in mind that we are looking for "team players" and responsible individuals. We want to give people, non-hunters as well as fellow hunters, a positive impression of Bowhunting and bowhunters as a management tool. Program participants also must be certified in Bowhunter education through the National Bowhunter Education Foundation.

Populated areas of New Hampshire where human habitation prevents or limits the use of firearms for hunting creates an overpopulation of deer, resulting in; destruction of habitat, increased human/deer contact in adverse ways, which endangers human life, health and property.

* Firearm services optional based on landowner discretion.

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